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The Pirelli P ZERO has been chosen as original equipment for the most performance oriented and powerful models on the market. Its asymmetric tread pattern improves braking performance and enhances handling and control. This tyre is excellent in wet conditions with improved safety in potential aquaplaning situations. Featuring its nano-composite compound which ensures maximum grip and stability. The structural integrity of the tyre also improves steering response, which is essential in sports driving, and also ensures uniform tread wear. The special “s-shaped” grooves in the tread area deliver lower cabin noise levels, enhancing driver comfort. Enjoy sporting characteristics that offer power and control when driving top of the range cars. The P Zero tyre is developed for all, top of the range, sports and high powered cars and can also be considered for powerful mid-range vehicles. 


Runflat version available for the Cinturato P7 tyres.

The Self-Supporting Run Flat tyre offers stability and reliable handling to keep control of your vehicle in the event of a puncture. They are designed to keep your car or SUV stable for you to continue your journey. The Runflat system has specific reinforcements inserted into the sidewall structure giving support to the loads of the vehicle even in the absence of pressure. When there is a puncture, the sidewall is prevented from being crushed between the rim and the ground, as well as the tyre from slipping off the rim, reducing damage to the rim or tyre. No need to change the flat tyre immediately but you can drive safely at a maximum speed of 80 km/h to a safe place to stop or to your nearest repair shop.


Available in stores now, call 6456 5858 to check for size availability and price enquiries.
Visit us at No. 46 Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 545558 (Opposite Serangoon Stadium)
Package your tyres with rims to enjoy discounts on package deals. 


For B2B - Supply/Distrubute to Workshop, please contact us at 9636 8289 directly. 

Pirelli P Zero

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